The Fine Details

Manicures, Pedicures, Waxing


Polish Change Hands · $14

Traditional Manicure · $30

Gel Manicure · $40
- Two-week no chip Spa Manicure

Paraffin Wax Treatment · $10
- Hands are dipped in a hot paraffin wax. Warm hand mitts are applied. This treatment is amazing for those who suffer from arthritis or dry skin in need of exfoliation and soothing warmth.



Polish Change Toes · $16

Traditional Pedicure · $35

Spa Pedicure · $50
- In addition to our traditional pedicure, your feet and legs with enjoy a velvety mask of hydration and the comforting warmth of soothing hot towels.

Facial and Body Waxing

Please mention any factors that could increase skin sensitivity, such as medications like RetinA, or sunburns. Never wax if you are taking Acutane.

After several waxing treatments hair will appear finer and take longer to grow back.

Facial Waxing:
Lip, Chin or Cheeks · $12 ea.
Lip & Chin · $20
Eyebrow · $15

Body Waxing:
Upper Leg · starting at $50
Lower Leg · starting at $35
Full Leg · starting at $80
Half Arm · starting at $24
Full Arm · starting at $34
Under Arm · starting at $22
Chest · starting at $40
Bikini · starting at $35
Back · starting at $55