Facials, Lashes and Brows

The world is more aware of the vitality and importance of maintaining healthy skin than it ever has been before. HBYD offers a very wide range of specialized facials depending on your skincare needs. From battling pesky teen acne, pigmentation problems, fine lines and wrinkles, you name it we have a facial for it. Our skincare specialist won't just give you a luxurious and comforting facial, they’ll educate you on how to maintain healthy skin and assist you with finding the tools to do so.

Classic Facials

Le Petite Classique $85

Light massage of the face, neck and arms with a treatment to cleanse skin, exfoliate dead cells, and remove impurities deep within the skin.
60 Minutes

Gentleman's Express Facial $60

Cleanse, analyze, exfoliate and moisturize. Simple yet very effective.
45 Minutes

Teen Facial $65

Deeply cleanses, removes impurities and exfoliates.

45 Minutes

Le Classique Facial $100

Adds a pure compress, to tone and firm the skin, and a double exfoliant treatment that removes deeper impurities and smooth the surface of the skin.
75 Minutes

Mini Facial $55

Cleanse, exfoliate, mask and hydrate. Short, simple and sweet.
30 Minutes

Lift, Firm & Redensify Facials

Optimizer Lift Facial $100

This facial has a regenerative process to optimize firmness and reduce wrinkles + fine lines Reinforcing the structure of your skin will give your face the instant lift you’re looking for. 
75 Minutes

Vital Defence $110

Specially formulated to combat damaging environmental factors that cause the skin stress (i.e. pollution, exposure to UV rays and climate variations) this intensely hydrating facial uses luscious creams, vegetable scrubs and clay masks with high-performance plant extracts that help the skin and preserve its youthfulness for the face and neck.​

75 Minutes

Hydralessence Facial $100

Your skin can become dehydrated at any point during the year. Any sensations of skin tightness, stinging, rough appearance/tough or dull looking complexion are signs you need to hydrate! This facial is a great quick fix, it’ll restore balance, suppleness, softness and hydrate. HBYD’s Skin Care Specialist will make sure to review your skins homecare procedure to make sure you don’t end up with dry dehydrated skin again!
75 Minutes

Anti-Wrinkle Facials

Alpha-Viral $100

This one’s all about the glow, bringing out your natural one that is. So it’s all you and your gorgeous skin. Restores and smooths your skin in just the 1st treatment. Key factors to this facial are the fruit acids used in Yon-Ka’s hydrating treatments, to promote cellular renewal and bring out your inner glow. Just add your smile and it’ll be perfect.
75 Minutes

Vital-Elastine $120

This is a facial that specifically target wrinkles and gives a radiant complexion with hydration and nutrition. Using Yon-Ka’s specific anti-wrinkle techniques and anti-ageing treatments.
75 Minutes

Time Resist $110

A youth activating, wrinkle reducing and firming facial that is perfect for anyone looking to take preventative measures to fight the signs of aging and for anyone looking to correct the signs of aging. Helping to reduce the visible aging process and slow it down henceforth
75 Minutes

Intensive Treatments

Excellence Code Facial $150

A Yon-Ka facial clinically proven to reduce the depth of wrinkles and increase skins radiance. It has a lifting effect and redefines the face contours. A very intense facial that addresses all your anti-aging needs
90 Minutes

Microdermabraison $120

A non-surgical resurfacing procedure using sterile diamond heads. This process works in a series to remove skin debris, scars, blemishes, wrinkles and uneven pigmentation of the skin. Microdermabrasion is a safe and gentle procedure with no down time.  
60 Minutes

Eye and Lip Treatment $45

Microdermabrasion to soften lines and wrinkles around the eye and lip contours, followed by Excellence Code Contours creme to achieve youthful, brighter eyes and lips with renewed definition. Finally, Excellence Code Masque defies all signs of aging with an instant lift and radiance.
45 Minutes

Specific Treatments and Facials

Essential White Brightening Treatment $85

This scientifically proven system effectively evens skin tone and eliminates dark spots by regulating pigments production and blocking the natural transference to skin cells.​

30 Minutes

Sensitive Facial  $110

A facial for those with sensitive skin, prone to redness and who have reactive skin. Techniques, creams, and masks used are specifically designed to be gentle on the skin. Strengthening the skin's natural defenses, reducing skin's sensitivity and irritability. 
60 Minutes

Purity Treatment $95

This facial is for those suffering from all variants of acne, it aims to purify and balance the skin no matter the skins condition. Regulating oil production of the skin will clarify completion. Appropriately cleansing the skin to promote regeneration. Your skin will feel soft and looked soothed due to the balancing pH effects of this facial.
60 Minutes

Additional Treatments
Can be added to ANY facial!

High Frequency Facial Treatment $10+

A unique treatment using the gentile oscillating, oxygenating power of electrical currents. These high frequency currents treat aging and damaged skin by causing a circulation rush that gently warms the tissues resulting in firmer, toned skin. The high frequency current also promotes healing and prevention of acne, blackheads, and reduces enlarged pore size.

LED Light Therapy $40+

Delivers different colors that trigger different reactions beneath the epidermis and penetrate the skin at various depths. LED decreases inflammation, helps with hyperpigmentation, increases circulation and tissue repair, improves skin tone, and is also great for rosacea and acne.

Microcurrent Treatment $40+

Known as the 'non-surgical facelift.' It produces a low level electrical current that helps tone, lift and red-educate facial muscles with no downtime. Microcurrent tightens the skin, improves muscle tone, reduces appearance of scar tissue and reduces toxins that build up in the skin. In just one treatment your skin will appear tighter, firmer and have a beautiful glow.  

Ultrasonic Facial Treatment $40+

Uses high-level sound wave technology to boost circulation and penetrate deep below the surface of the skin. Ultrasonic stimulates the protein that gives the skin elasticity and firmness promoting cellular renewal and repair. Ultrasonic aids in lymphatic drainage, reduces puffiness, fades age spots and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles. 

Lashes & Brows

Lash Tint $35

Give your lashes a deeper, darker, fuller appearance by tinting your natural lashes. Last 3–4 weeks.

30 Minutes

Brow Tint $35

Define your brows and give the look of fuller, younger, brighter eyes with a customized eyebrow shade. Last 3–4 weeks.

45 Minutes

Lash Lift & Tint $120

A lash enhancement service that creates a beautiful curl, darkens your natural lashes and gives you that wide–eyed look every day. Last 6-8 weeks.

75 Minutes.

Brow Lamination & Tint $75

Tame your unruly brow hair for the appearance of smoother, symmetrical brows that accentuates your facial features. Last 6–8 weeks.

60 Minutes