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The Sun is Rising

What's in? Getting that glowing tan is easily one of the summers best features. Truthfully having a tan has never been a fleeting trend nor has it ever gone out of style. Sun kissed skin is timeless, beautiful and gorgeous. What's out? Those harmful UVA and UVB rays! HBYD is here to help! We have the perfect solution for you to get that dreamy bronze glow while keeping your skin nourished and safe!


Exude radiance with this self-tanning milk that gives you a natural, uniform tan in 3 to 4 hours without potentially dangerous sun exposure. Enriched with:

  • Hydrating passion fruit and lemon extracts.

  • Vitamin E, rice oil and sunflower.

  • Nourishing Shea butter.

This easy to use sunless bronzing lotion is suitable for all complexion colors and skin types and lends your skin a golden glow.

Don't Forget the sunblock either! HBYD professionals are always here to help, call us today or stop in and check out what we can offer you.