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20 Questions! Hairstylist Edition!

20 Questions with Kim Moher

We recently sat down with Kim, a long time stylist here at HBYD to play a fun game of 20 Question. Hair Stylist Edition! :)

Q) Why do you think you decided to become a hair stylist?

A) I always liked to make people feel pretty and feel good about themselves.

Q) How did you get your start in the industry?

A) I started working in a Hair salon that my aunt owned, it’s a little salon in Prospect (CT). I started working there when I was 15 and I was pretty much an assistant, I did shampoos, cleaning, answering the phones. I’ve worked at a hair salon ever since!

Q) How many years have you been working as a Hair Stylist?

A) Since 1999, so 19 years!

Q) What inspires you?

A) I always look for a good challenge and I feel like the hair industry is always changing so it challenges me and my profession and my artistry to always stay on top of the trends. Which really fulfills my passion.

Q) Which Iconic Hairstyles do you love?

A) Really what comes to mind is 90’s Jennifer Aniston, while it changed a lot it was always a classic trendsetter look. So anything she did!

Q) Who Inspires you?

A) Woman who are trendy, confident and who make sure they take care of their family and advocate for their families needs.

Q) What is the last educational course you took in this industry?

A) We are constantly taking classes at HBYD! The last class I took was a L’Oreal color class in October.

Q) What favorite thing did you walk away with from that course?

A) We learned a really awesome new color technique that is on trend right now. It’s called color melting, which is a way to do a balayage with a root touch up so it fades from root to end, dark to light, and is perfectly blended.

Q) What is the hottest hair trend at the moment in your opinion?

A) A more natural sun kissed highlight look, a really soft highlight.

Q) Which Hair Product do you think every woman should have?

A) Dry Shampoo, its one of my favorite products actually.

Q) When did you last have your hair colored?

A) I last had my hair colored 3 weeks ago.

Q) How often do you think someone should get a haircut?

A) About every four to six weeks depending on the shape and style of the haircut.

Q) Right now HBYD is having a special on GK Keratin Treatment’s, what is your favorite feature about that treatment?

A) I would say, the way it restructures the hair to eliminates frizz.

Q) How long does the treatment last?

A) Typically it should last about 4 to 6 months, if using sulfate free products and using caution in regards to your hair around chemicals like chlorine.

Q) Does it damage the hair at all, say in a similar way to bleach?

A) No and actually it contains Juvexin which is a non hydrolyzed keratin of both large and small molecules. The smaller molecules penetrate the hair cortex which improves and restores the hair from the inside out while the larger molecules wrap around the hair cuticle creating a protective shield against free radicals such as UV Rays and pollution.

Q) In an industry that is constantly growing and evolving what is a classic haircut that you think will stand the test of time?

A) A graduated bob, because if you look throughout the past decades there is always some form of that haircut.

Q) What is a modern look you’re living for right now?

A) For myself, being a mom, I want to stay trendy but in my age range. So something trendy yet functional within your lifestyle.

Q) If you could impart some wisdom to an aspiring young hairstylist what would it be?

A) Always push yourself. Don’t be afraid to try new things and to learn new things. Always believe in your talent.

Q) If you could ask for some advice from a mature, experienced hair stylist what would it be?

A) Will I ever get to retire?!?!?! Kidding, kidding haha. I would ask what they have done to stay inspired in this industry for so long.

Q) Last question, what is your favorite hair quote currently?

A) I just screenshotted one the other day actually. It’s “Invest in your hair. You wear it everyday.”

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