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20 Question with one of our NEW HBYD Hair Stylist!

20 Questions with Hannah Oakes!

We recently sat down with Hannah, a new stylist here at HBYD to play a fun game of 20 Question. Hair Stylist Edition! :)

Q) When did you graduate from Cosmetology School?

A) March 3 2018

Q) When did you start working at HBYD?

A) End of January at the front desk and transitioned into a hair stylist once graduated Cosmetology School.

Q) What inspired you to pursue a career as a Stylist?

A) My Great Grandfather was a barber who owned his own barbershop. So I decided that was something I wanted to do to follow in his footsteps. Plus I love to be creative.

Q) Have you taken any continuing educational courses recently?

A) I just finished taking Class Two of the L'Oréal Expert Network which is Color, Styling and Cutting.

Q) What hair techniques are you most excited to explore and learn about?

A) Working with curly hair, and becoming Deva certified.

Q) How has your experience in the field thus far met your expectations?

A) It has been a confidence booster, working with people I don’t know and have never met has forced me to feel more comfortable, which has boosted my confidence.

Q) What does customer service mean to you?

A) Customer Service means to me building trust, becoming comfortable, and knowing the client can rely on you for whatever their looking for. Whether it’s products, coming in for a haircut or even just a consultation.

Q) What are the skills you find that are required to succeed as a hair stylist?

A) Putting yourself out there, getting people in your chair. Networking, giving out business cards, word of mouth and social media skills.

Q) On what bases do you recommend hairstyles to your clients?

A) I would say a mixture of their personal features and preferences.

Q) What are some of the benefits you’ve discovered while working with the experienced HBYD staff around you?

A) They’re all willing to help me whenever I have questions. I just finished hairdressing school not to long ago and they’ve been great with helping me and teaching me, saying hey try this next time or that next time. Giving me a lot of support and advice which is great.

Q) HBYD is having a blowout special this month for Mothers Day, what is the biggest tip you think you could give those moms in a hurry to get out the door yet still wants a finished blow-dried look?

A) Products. Definitely what you’re putting in your hair makes a huge difference! Always choose quality.

Q) What is the most important at home haircare step in your opinion?

A) Using a good thermal protector product. Whether you let your air hair dry or use a hot styling tool you still have to protect your hair from the heat.

Q) Styling tool every woman should have?

A) Besides a brush haha, if I had to pick one I would personally go with a curling iron.

Q) What is your favorite iconic hair style?

A) Textured Lob, all one length with pieced layers. With a good tousled curl it looks great. I love that.

Q) Most on point trend right now?

A) I would definitely say beachy waves, everyone one wants them right now!

Q) Do you have any advice for those thinking of pursuing a career as a hairstylist?

A) It’s a big commitment, long days, working nights, but it’s a great career. Just absolutely be committed. Don’t give up and just keep going because everything you do is always going to be a stepping stone that will make you learn and build in this profession.

Q) What is the best advice you’ve gotten this far about working in this industry?

A) To not let things get to you. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Feeling like you want more?

Call the salon today and book an appointment with Hannah! If you have any questions concerning the HBYD Blowout Special for Moms you can call us or head to this blog post and learn more about this months special!