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20 Questions! Hairstylist Edition!

20 Questions with Emily Travaglini!

We recently sat down with Emily, an amazing stylist here at HBYD to play a fun game of 20 Question. Hair Stylist Edition! :)

Q) Why do you think you decided to become a hair stylist?

A) I was trying some different things after high school and Hairdressing really worked out the best. I did everyones prom hair and makeup, I fell in love with it.

Q) What Cosmetology school did you go to?

A) Torrington Beauty Academy.

Q) When did you start working at HBYD? A) July 2014

Q) What are the skills you find are required to succeed as a Hairstylist?

A) Technical skills. I’d say blowdrying and styling. You can do a great haircut and a great color but if it looks bad at the end with a blowdry I think everything ruined.

Q) How did you get your start in the industry?

A) After Cosmetology school I made a big portfolio of all the work I had done and brought that around to salons and let them look at it. Thats how I got my interview here and got hired.

Q) What or who inspires you?

A) There is a famous hairdresser named Philip Wolff, he does the coolest cuts, colors and blowdrys that I love.

Q) What was the last education course you took?

A) A Month ago, it was a L'Oréal class for shaping hair when working with it and also included some business aspects of the salon industry as well.

Q) In an industry that is constantly growing and involving what is a classic haircut you think will stand the test of time?

A) The Bob! But the Mullet and the Shag are coming back! They look really cool.

Q) What is your favorite hair quote currently?

A) I saw one the other day, I believe it said “Hair is the only thing you can get into shape without working out”.

Q) What was the last hairstyle you googled?

A) The Mullet haha. I’m really excited about it.

Q) What color technique do you think is perfect for summer?

A) Babylights, I think 90% of people would do good with babylights.

Q) What is your must have at home hair care product right now?

A) Dry Shampoo.

Q) What is your favorite mens cut to do?

A) A fade with a comb over, I love to do that. I made all my guy friends get that haircut hah.

Q) Do you have any tips or tricks for the on-the-go girl who always wants her hair looking its best?

A) I think, for summertime its always good to have sea salt spray around to mist your hair with and scrunch it up a little bit to make it look messy, yet done.

Q) What is your favorite styling tool?

A) My round brush.

Q) What is your favorite modern haircut?

A) The beach cut. It texturizes the hair and the layers are cut in a certain way that really helps any waves and curls form nicer, it great for curls made with a flat iron too.

Q) What is your favorite part about having a client in your chair?

A) Getting to do something new with them.

Q) Do you have any advice for a client who is thinking about doing a big change to their look?

A) Come in and talk about it hah! :)

Q) How important is the maintenance of a hairstyle?

A) Very important because your cut and color is an investment, its something you have on everyday and it pays off to take care of that. Make an appointment for the upkeep of your hairstyle every 6-8 weeks so it doesn’t get faded, too long or straggly.

Q) Do you post your work anywhere?

A) Yes! On Instagram, hairby_emtravaglini_hbyd

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