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20 Questions! Esthetician Edition!

20 Questions with Kathleen Gentile!

We recently sat down with Kathleen, an amazing skin care specialist here at HBYD to play a fun game of 20 Question. Esthetician Edition! :)

Q) What does an skin care specialist/esthetician do?

A) An Esthetician simply makes skin better and offers solutions to skin issues.

Q) When/why did you decide to become and Esthetician?

A) To have the knowledge and education for my own business Wellness First LLC.

Q) How long have you been working with HBYD? How long as an Esthetician?

A) I have been working with HBYD since 1992 as a product distributor, I joined the team in 2011 as an Esthetician, which I was certified as in 2006.

Q) During the summer what is the most important step in your daily skincare routine?

A) Sunscreen! I recommend SPF 30, re-apply every 90 min to 2 hrs if you are in direct sun light, swimming or exercising. If you’re doing normal activities, apply in the morning.

Q) One skin care product to always have in your skincare drawer year round?

A) Gommage! It is a non-abrasive, soft peel that exfoliates and moisturizes. It’s a manual exfoliator. By manually rubbing it off you’re rubbing the product off, which rubs off the dead skins cells on the surface of the face. So it takes a little work, about 5 minutes 1-3 times a week.

Q) What is deep pore cleansing?

A) Deep pore cleansing is drawing out impurities from the pores to help with congestion. Pores are prone to collecting dirt, oils and dead skin. A deep pore cleansing mask is recommended 1-3 times a week.

Q) What is microdermabrasion?

A) The removal of the dead skin cells on the skins surface to reveal newer fresher skin. It takes micro crystals that shoot out in an applicator that also sucks them back in to resurface the skin. It's what we call a mini "sandblasting" for the skin and there's really no downtime. Microdermabrasion is recommended during the Fall, Winter and early Spring months.

Q) Based on when you started in the skincare and beauty field what do you feel are the most exciting new innovations and research?

A) I feel resurfacing the skin through different treatments like microdermabrasion or micro-planning can stimulate collagen production and cell turnover as we get older. If you create an 'injury' to the skin, even as mild as it is, it will wake up those cells and cause cell renewal and rejuvenation.

Q) Are there any skincare techniques that have been around for ages that you still swear by?

A) It’s basic exfoliation and hydration!

Q) What factors do you consider when recommending skincare products to your clients?

A) Their lifestyle. How simple or involved they want to be in their use of skincare, what results they're looking for, and if they have any sensitivities or allergies. A daily skincare routine is most effective if it's consistent.

Q) Are there things clients should avoid doing at home with their skin? Instead waiting for a trained esthetician to assist them with it.

A) Waxing, specifically bikini! Also, chemical peels and working with essential oils are tricky, so best left to the professionals.

Q) Any weekly routines that clients should be doing?

A) Exfoliation and deep pore cleansing, speak with your esthetician on how often during the week you should be doing these things based on your skin’s needs.

Q) Do estheticians have opportunities for continuing education?

A) Yes!

Q) What was the last educational class you attended?

A) A webinar with Yonk-Ka on the the Essential White system and treatment! It is a new Brightening Treatment for brown spots/hyperpigmentation!

Q) This months special is the Excellence code facial which is designed more for a mature demographic. Is there an ideal time to start receiving skincare treatments to help fight off the signs of aging?

A) Ideal time to start anti-aging treatments would be 35 but because most of our sun damage is done before age 20 its important to start age prevention treatments earlier.

Q) How important is it to create a skincare treatment (facial) routine? And stick with it?

A) It depends on the goals of the client and that is discussed during our consultation. It is very important to follow a treatment protocol at the spa followed by a home routine/product support to achieve the results their looking for.

Q) Are there any daily things we can do to help our skin that don’t revolve around products?

A) Drink water, hydration is key! Watch sodium intake (which can cause puffiness), limit sugars and add natural fats to your diet. These are all important for skin health. Oh also…get plenty of sleep!

Q) Classically there are three classification of skin types, dry, normal and oily. Does a person experience these year round or can your skin type change?

A) Yes…and…no haha. Skin doesn’t usually change that drastically even though we have distinct seasonal changes here in the northeast. Though it can be affected from factors like dehydration, weather conditions, hormone imbalances, recent surgeries or medications. All can have an affect on a certain skin type and cause it to fluctuate.

Q) When exfoliating are there any crucial pieces of information to be aware of?

A) Avoid the eye area with a granular and mechanical exfoliator. Don’t rub/scrub too hard, that can over exfoliate the skin and leave it very vulnerable to the sun and environmental aggressors.

Q) What is the perfect skincare treatment here at HBYD for a client who has never had a facial before?

A) Hydralessence or the Executive European Facial. The client gets to experience mild exfoliation, hydration, pore cleansing and a relaxing facial massage… a little pampering that goes a long way!

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