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We Moved!!! + An Exclusive Interview with a SalonSpa Owner 😄

Can you believe it?


We have fallen in love with our new space and we know you will too. The joy it brings us to welcome you all to our new location is indescribable. The journey here has been such an interesting and emotional one, like any big move there has been change, which at times can feel like a lot. Our HBYD team has been such an instrumental force in navigating our way through such a change to help us get to the other side, and we are here, we did it! We can not wait to share it with you.

Elyse McCormick, the amazing owner of HBYD, has poured so much love into our new home. She was continuously inspired by the HBYD team, and by you, our amazing clientele. You are all such a gift on this journey. We have recently been playing a fun game of 20 questions in an interview format with our staff, sending those interviews out to you in our newsletters and posting them here on our website's news section, Elyse decided to get in on the action!

20 Questions with a SalonSpa Owner

Q) What got you interested in the cosmetology field?

A) My mother inspired me to go to cosmetology school. She suggested it when my children were very young and I went for it!

Q) How long have you owned your SalonSpa?

A) 31 years.

Q) How long have you been at your current location?

A) 31 years haha!

Q) HBYD had a big move to make this past weekend! What are you most excited about when it comes to this new space?

A) The staffs reaction! I’m hoping their excited and love their new home. Everything we do here in putting the new space together I think are they going to like this or are they going to like that. Yeah, seeing their reactions is what I’m most excited about.

Q) So what are the perks of owning your own business?

A) Your relationships I think are the perks. Having relationships with the staff and with the clients is the best part of everything.

Q) What challenges have you faced and how have you overcome them?

A) This move is probably the biggest challenge I’ve faced, but it will be so rewarding. It’s been a long road to where we are now and I think through perseverance we’ve finally made it and I’m so excited to be on the other side! I can’t wait to look back at this!

Q) What do you look for when hiring stylists?

A) Passion, I believe skill level can be taught so I look fo someone who is passionate in what they do, someone who likes working with people, both peers and clients, and someone who wants to be successful.

Q) What do you look for when hiring skincare specialists?

A) Softness, personality wise. Also knowledge.

Q) HBYD has an amazing array of products. What process goes into picking out a new product to make available to your clients?

A) We try it out and we test it. See how the staff feels about using it and how the clients feel about it.

Q) What makes HBYD unique?

A) As a team we all have so much pride in our salon and in our work ethics. We are a family who respects one another and together we work very hard to create a salon experience that makes our clients say WOW!

Q) How do you bring creativity into your work/life now that you are no longer doing hair?

A) You know I used to hate doing paperwork, the ‘business’ side of it all, especially when I was doing hair six days a week, but I’ve surrendered to the fact that it has to be done. I find my creativity in other ways, I like to cook, I like to garden, I like to arrange things at home. Every now and then I go put my hands through a salon client’s hair because I do miss it but I do try and find ways to bring creative aspects into my day.

Q) What have you learned from owning a SalonSpa?

A) I think I’ve learned how important staff is, a team is. How important relationships are and how important it is to treat people as you would like to be treated. Respect everyone that works for you and everyone who walks through that front door.

Q) What have you learned from organizing a big move from one location to another?

A) Do one thing at a time! Hah! Try very hard to do one thing at a time and not to get overwhelmed.

Q) What advice would you give someone who one day wanted to own their own salon?

A) Don’t go off on a power trip. Respect the people around you, your staff and your clients. Have ethics, treat every 8 in the morning client like you would your 8 in the evening client and vice versa. Teach your staff to do the same. Make every client special.

Q) The beauty industry is always changing and always growing, with new techniques, styles and products. Has that been challenging or something you get excited for?

A) I get excited for it, the stylist get excited for it. You need that. New techniques new products everybody gets excited for them even the clients who come in asking about them. It helps to drive the thirst for education.

Q) What/who inspires you?

A) My husband, my staff and our clientele. All of these amazing and uplifting forms of support inspire me. They give me that push, mentally, to keep going, to keep striving.

Q) When you own a business like this you also step into a mentorship role for your staff. Did that intimidate you in anyway?

A) No. It pushes me to always set a good example, always.

Q) If you could say a few words to an aspiring hairstylist or skincare specialist starting their journey or thinking about going to school what would you say.

A) You are who you think you are. Have high standards for yourself and that is who you’re going to be.

Q) What classic hairstyles do you love?

A) Any soft updo, or a very soft, flowing, wavy hairstyle, something tousled. On the other side of it I love very sleek and bluntly cut hairstyle.

Q) What is your favorite hair quote currently?

A) “The best hairdressers never stop learning.” Thats just a great quote, I love it.

Feeling like you want more?

Call the salon and book an appointment today! We have some fun treats to celebrate our move, free giveaways and coupons, while supplies last, that will be handed out after your service. See you soon! Love, -The HBYD Team. P.S. Like us on Facebook to stay up to date on everything happening at HBYD and check out our Instagram to see what HBYD team is up to!