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20 Questions! Hairstylist Edition!

20 Questions with

Melisa Madore

We recently sat down with Melisa, a long time stylist here at HBYD to play a fun game of 20 Question. Hair Stylist Edition! :)

Q) When did you graduate from Cosmetology School? A) In 2011!

Q) When did you start working at HBYD? A) I remember it to the day, Sept 19 2017!

Q) Why do you think you decided to become a hair stylist? A) My Grandma is a hairstylist, my aunt is a hair stylist and growing up I always did other peoples hair. It turned into this! It felt like the right path.

Q) What or who inspires you?

A) It’s actually Carrie Underwood, I’ve always loved her, I love her hair her voice her everything haha.

Q) Have you taken any continuing educational courses recently? A) The L'Oréal experience course and a color melting class.

Q) What was your favorite thing you walked away with from that course? A) I learned all about the L'Oréal products and how L'Oréal color is so unique and different from other color lines.

Q) What hair color technique do you think is perfect for Fall? A) Reds, hands down reds.

Q) In your opinion, what is the biggest on trend hairstyle at the moment? A) I think even though it isn't summer anymore it’s still beach waves.

Q) What is your favorite iconic hair style? A) The stacked bob.

Q) What is the most important at home haircare step in your opinion? A) Using product haha, just use product! Especially frizz creams, great for letting your hair air dry and so much more.

Q) Styling tool every woman should have? A) A flat iron.

Q) What is your must have at home haircare product right now? A) The WOW!

Q) On what basis do you recommend hairstyles to clients? A) How they style their hair at home. If your routine consist of a blow dryer then you can have a bit more of a high maintenance hairstyle, if it doesn’t then you need something a bit more low maintenance.

Q) Do you have any advice for an aspiring hairstylist? A) Just keep wanting to learn!

Q) Best piece of advice you’ve ever received? A) Don’t over think it.

Q) Name one hair trend you’re glad isn’t around anymore! A) The tousled Mullet.

Q) Do you have a favorite fashion color for the hair? A) I really like fashion purple, I feel like it stays longer.

Q) Whats one piece of advice someone who wants to get a fashion color should know ahead of time. A) It doesn’t always stick the first time and washing your hair with cold water makes a big difference! Warm/hot water makes the cuticle open up and the color washes out.

Q) What is the last hairstyle you googled? A) Mature hairstyles haha.

Q) What is your favorite hair quote currently? A) Invest in your hair it’s the crown you never take off.

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