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20 Question an HBYD Hairstylist!!!

20 Questions with

Brittany Coloske

We recently sat down with Brittany, a long time stylist here at HBYD to play a fun game of 20 Question. Hair Stylist Edition! :)

Q) When did you decide to become a hairstylist? A) In 2008, because I was riding horses and working in a barn braiding and I loved the idea of working with hair.

Q) What Cosmetology school did you go to? A) Brio Academy of Cosmetology.

Q) When did you start working at HBYD? A) In 2012!

Q) Have you taken any continuing education courses recently?

A) I just came back from the L’Oréal Academy in SoHo back in October. I’m also doing some behind the hair classes through their online education service.

Q) What was your favorite part about that course? A) It was about balayage, hand painting hair, and it was a step more advance then the class I had taken last year. Because it was a lot more advanced there was more hands on technique training I had to do, which I liked best.

Q) What hairstyle do you think is perfect for these cold winter months? A) I’ve been loving the shoulder length lobs. I think the look really cute with scarves on, you can add extensions if you want a longer look. I’m a big scarf person in the winter time so I think its perfect!

Q) What is your favorite iconic hairstyle? A) The pixie cut! Like Twiggy, that’s iconic and I love it!

Q) Favorite modern hairstyle? A) The beach shag!

Q) Last hair style you googled? A) I think what a shag was hahaha!

Q) What is your must have haircare product currently? A) SmartBond Take Home.

Q) Favorite styling tool? A) A 2 inch curling iron.

Q) Best advice you could give someone in regards to their at home hair routine? A) Take your time don’t rush and invest in a really nice hairdryer. Makes all the difference.

Q) What or who inspires you? A) Lo Wheeler Davis, I love her!

Q) Do you have any advice for an aspiring hairstylist? A) Don’t get discouraged, want it. Want it and strive for it, stay hungry.

Q) Best piece of advice you think you’ve ever received? A) Be friends with everybody’s clients, not just your own.

Q) Do you have any advice for a client who thinks they're ready for a drastic change in their hairs look? A) Bring a picture that you want to do and if you’ve looked at that picture for the last couple weeks and you still want it do it.

Q) Whats your favorite part of a men’s cut? A) I like fading down.

Q) Is there a product every man should have? A) A really good smelling shampoo hah.

Q) It’s obviously the holiday season, what do you think would make the perfect hair related gift? A) The wet brush, it's something the absolutely everybody can benefit from!

Q) What is your favorite hair quote? A) Good hair days make me feel like I could rule the world!

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