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20 Question an HBYD Hairstylist!!!

20 Questions with

Michael Paganini!

We recently sat down with Michael, a long time stylist here at HBYD to play a fun game of 20 Question. Hair Stylist Edition! :)

Q) Why do you think you decided to become a hair stylist? A) One of my friends who is a hairdresser asked me if I had ever thought about becoming a hairstylist and I said no. I gave it some more thought and decided it was something that really appealed to me and I enrolled in Cosmetology School! Q) What Cosmetology School did you go to? A) Oxford Academy of Hair Design in Seymour CT. Q) When did you start working at HBYD?

A) Mid July 2018. Q) So you’re new to HBYD! Is it everything you imagined? A) Yeah actually! You hear a lot of horror stories about salons, about it being cutthroat and everyone is out for themselves. Starting here I realized how nice everyone is and how it is more team based. Whenever I start doing something my coworkers here always ask if I need help. In a lot of ways it’s better than I imagined. Q) What is the best thing about this salon? A) It’s beautiful! Also the fact that it is a more team based salon like I said, that is really what puts this place over the top! Everyone is so helpful! Q) Have you taken any continuing educational courses recently? A) The last one we did was the balayage and foiling class. Q) What or who inspires you? A) Definitely my friend Jessica who is the stylist that mentioned becoming a stylist to me. I still ask her for her advice even though she doesn’t work here. Q) What is your favorite color technique to use when working with clients? A) I’d have to say balayage, I like that it has more freedom with how you work. Q) Is there a styling product you think everyone should have at home? A) Anything from the Amika line, we just got in back in and I’m loving it. Especially their detangling spray. It’s a nice primer too! Q) What about a styling tool everyone should have at home? A) A vented paddle brush! Q) Do you have a favorite classic cut? A) Anything with long piecey layers. Q) Do you have a favorite modern cut? A) Not yet! Haha. Q) What is the last hairstyle you googled? A) Face framing angles. Q) What do you think is the most important haircare step at home? A) The most important in my book, is if you’re going to use heat use a heat protectant! That L'Oréal 10-in-1 is great. Q) Best tip you can give a client styling their hair at home? A) Have fun with it! Q) What cut or color do you think Is perfect for winter? A) Copper! A deep copper is just great for the winter! Q) When recommending the maintenance of a hairstyle what factors do you consider? A) What they do at home. If they’re showing me something more drastic then what they currently have I ask them what their at home routine is and if they're ready to add more steps to it. Man or Woman. Q) Best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten? A) Hope is not a strategy. Haha. Q) Do you have any advice for aspiring stylist? A) If I can do it anyone can do it! Haha! Q) Currently, what is your favorite hair quote? A) There really is no such thing as people with bad hair, just people who haven’t found the right hairstylist!

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