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Emily's Secrets to The Perfect Blowout

Ever wonder why your blow-drying your hair at home never comes out the way it does at the salon?

There a couple tips and tricks we're willing to spill to help keep you looking your best!

Emily is one of our talented stylists who has come to master blow-drying hair. We asked her what her step by step is to achieving the perfect at home blowout.

One of the most important steps to getting your hair to be as smooth and bouncy as possible is using the right products.

A few of Emily's favorites are,

-Color Wow Dream Coat (for anti-frizz and humidity)

-Amika Supernova Smoothing Cream (For optimal sleekness)

-Moroccan Oil Mousse (for great volume)

-L'Oréal Professional Inforcer 4 Hairspray (To finish off and keep in place)

All of these products can be purchased here at Hair by Design!

Next is to rough dry your hair until it is about 85% dry. Just simply blow your hairdryer at your hair any which way, especially focusing on the roots.

Split your hair into neat, clean sections, working from bottom to top, leaving the top mohawk section for last.

Then, with the help of your favorite round brush, you are going to want to make sure to aim your blow-dryer downwards to smooth the cuticle and avoid frizz. This will also add shine and sleekness.

Another good tip is so make sure you are moving the pieces back and forth. For example, blow dry the piece of hair while pulling it forward with your round brush, then again pulling it back, this makes the hair more flexible and bouncy rather than just flat in one spot. You are most likely going to have to do each piece a couple of times! It is important to make sure each piece is bone-dry before you move on to the next.

Your last piece should be top front of your hair. A trick to have a nice bouncy face frame is to keep the round brush in your hair after you turn off the blow dryer. Hold there until hair cools, and then release.

And you're done! (Finally right?!)

Feel free to ask your stylist at your next appointment if you have any other questions or need more suggestions!