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Fresh Air, Fresh Hair!

After a long, cold winter, the warmer weather is finally here! With the warmer weather upon us, now is the time to spruce up your look with some blonder highlights!

Our senior stylist Brittany loves to blonde up her clients this time of year. She shared some tips and tricks on how to go the extra mile to make those blonde pieces pop, leaving you feeling ready to get out there and enjoy these sunny days!

"My go to highlighting technique, is what they call “face framing babylights”. Especially when Spring comes, it is the perfect solution to add some brightness around your face. Since the foils are extremely tiny “babylights”, they blend in seamlessly and grow out very softly. Face framing foils are great for bringing out the features in your face in a flattering way. It is the perfect balance of a pop of color without being too chunky or bold." -Brittany

Here you can get a better visual of how this is done to get those bright front pieces. Babylights are a lot more delicate than highlights. The weave, slice, weave technique is a great way to stager foils. Slice foils will pop more, where as a weave foil will be softer and more subtle. Which all together will create a unique blend of dimension. To maintain your color and keep your blonde bright we recommend washing with a purple shampoo, and always using a color protecting leave-in serum. This is the perfect way to give more dimension, yet keeping that fresh, sun-kissed blonde feeling.