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Introducing Glyconight 10% by Yon-ka

Another day, another Yon-ka product to keep you looking your best! Yon-ka just released their new product called "Glyconight 10%", which is a night-time face peeling mask. The active ingredient in this mask is glycolic acid which speeds up your cellular regeneration. This in turn, causes you to generate more collagen and results in a younger looking complexion.

This mask is great for reducing the signs of aging and wrinkles. All the while it is hydrating your skin, so you are left with skin feeling plump, and luminous. It is intended to be used before bed after cleansing. You simply leave it on overnight and wake up with refreshed, glowing skin.

Glyconight 10% also has science backed results!

❀ -15% forehead wrinkle depth

❀ -30% crow's feet wrinkle depth

❀ -19% pore diameter minimized

❀ +24% complexion radiance

The skincare specialist here at HBYD recommend coupling this product with your favorite sunscreen, which helps to protect your skin while using Glyconight 10%, stop by and grab yours today!