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Product Spotlight: Lait Nettoyant

Skin is always in, we know that. With the cooler weather approaching, now more than ever it is important to take extra care of your skin. With the colder months, comes dryer air. Our skin relies so heavily on being hydrated to give us that glowy, fresh, and smooth feel we all strive for. However, cleansing is still and essential step to our skin care even when we feel we are lacking moisture. This is when we need to look for products that target cleansing without stripping our skin's barrier.

This is where Lait Nettoyant from Yon-ka comes to the rescue!

Lait Nettoyant is a creamy, milky wash that gets rid of dirt, debris, and even stubborn makeup, without drying out the skin. It is composed of 85% natural ingredients including Borneol which is derived from marine algae. Specifically brown algae is best known for supporting cellular energy production which therefore promotes skin cell renewal. This leaves the skin looking more fresh, leaving you with a healthy glow.

Pick this product up here at Hair by Design, or ask one of our estheticians more about it today!